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Classes & Workshops

Mar 03, 2015
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The Lost Weekend

This one-off class will explore the literature of drinking and excess, and attempt to determine if “malt does more than Milton can/To justify God’s ways to man.” The class will… View More »

Mar 05, 2015
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Finding Your Voice: A Special Workshop On Identity

Internationally recognized poet Nguyen Phan Que Mai will lead a workshop that will explore the ways writing can help us clarify who we are, help us to transform past experiences… View More »

Mar 05, 2015
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Writing from Trauma and Getting Published

Through an in-class exercises, as well as a discussion of your poem, story, or nonfiction piece, we will explore the core essentials of writing  clear, meaningful, and internationally engaged work. … View More »


Mar 04, 2015

Book Discussion: On The Beach

Book discussion of On the Beach (1957) by Nevil Shute (in advance of film screening at the Dryden Theatre on March 7)

Mar 05, 2015

The Book Thieves : Writers & Books YP Book Club

According to Wikipedia, Erik Erikson charts the age range of a Young Adult between ages 20 and 40. If you fall into that category and like reading good books, The… View More »

Mar 06, 2015

Reading: Nguyen Phan Que Mai/ Bruce Weigl

In a special collaboration with BOA Editions, Writers & Books is excited to present two incredible writers: Bruce Weigl and Nguyen Phan Que Mai. Bruce Weigl recently completed a translation… View More »


February 27th, 2015

Visiting Authors: Nguyen Phan Que Mai & Bruce Weigl

March 5th – 6th at Writers & Books This winter, Writers & Books is excited to collaborate with local publisher BOA Editions to bring two internationally renowned authors to the… View More »

February 24th, 2015

Canvas Literary Journal interview in The Writer

Canvas Literary Journal, is Writers & Books’ online literary magazine written for and by teenagers. This month, Nina Alvarez, publisher of Canvas, was interview about the ins and outs of… View More »

February 24th, 2015

Director of Strasenburgh Planetarium: Our Unstill Earth

    February 23 at Writers & Books and March 4 at Penfield Library In conjunction with our 2015 If All of Rochester Reads the Same Book program, Steve Fentress,… View More »