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Aug 01, 2015

Writing Aerobics: Al Abonado

Back by popular demand, the best workout in town. Each Writing Aerobics session is a set of impromptu writing exercises, perfect for the experienced veteran looking for a new challenge… View More »

Aug 03, 2015

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I Wonder…Exploring Eternal Questions

Do you enjoy arguing…in defense of your ideas? Are you endlessly curious about the world? Are you often searching for what lies beneath the surface? You can become a modern-day… View More »

Aug 03, 2015

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Songwriter’s Workshop

Do you constantly have a tune playing in your head? Are you always listening to music? Do you wish you could write your own songs, like your favorite artists?  Well,… View More »


Aug 01, 2015

Veterans Writing Group

Hosted by Timothy Hansen and Mary Finucane Free and open to any veteran. 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. The memory of war has permeated Western Literature since the time of… View More »

Aug 06, 2015

Reading: Steve Huff and Bruce Willard

Join us for a special reading featuring two wonderful poets. About the Readers: Steve Huff is the author of two collections of poems, More Daring Escapes and The Water We… View More »

Aug 06, 2015

The Book Thieves : Writers & Books YP Book Club

According to Wikipedia, Erik Erikson charts the age range of a Young Adult between ages 20 and 40. If you fall into that category and like reading good books, The… View More »


Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

The following blog post was written by Albert Albonado, our Director of Adult Programming. Summer’s warm weather brings out a familiar parade of pedestrians, from runners to dog-walkers, and festivals… View More »

A Tribute to American Authors

Just in time for the holiday weekend, where we hope to find you all kicking back and enjoying your recreational reading next to a pool somewhere with a cheeseburgers and… View More »

What is going on lately at our Gell Center?

The following blog post was written by Kathy Potetti. Every April, The Gell Center of the Finger Lakes opens its facility for the season – through the end of November.… View More »